Office worker’s good mood plan for a week


Office worker’s good mood plan for a week

The mood of the construction of Monday: After a weekend of rest, on Monday morning, you are either waking up earlier than usual, or even more sleepy.

You put on the work suit and walked out of the house. The first taxi didn’t stop when you passed by.

Then the second one, your face is not very good when you get on the bus.

Into the office, your colleague tells you that the boss is looking for you.

You glanced at the colleague who passed the letter, thinking: Hey!

There is no good thing.

So your mood is serious.

The boss said that the plan you did last week is not complete enough and needs to be modified and supplemented.

Going back to your seat, you open the unlucky plan, and it is difficult to enter the state for a long time. Construction mentality: What did you do during the weekend, what you thought, and what the mood is, this is not the key to the problem.It is important that you learn to adopt a constructive mindset to treat the first working day of the week.

If you are a 100% office worker, pay special attention to correctly distinguishing the boundaries between work and leisure, and not indulging in some unnecessary emotions.

Before going out on Monday morning, you can tell yourself that the new job is waiting for me. From now on, I will take away the joys and sorrows of yesterday, adjust my mind, and meet various challenges.

銆€銆€Don’t expect others to smell your personal feelings that are not related to your work, tolerate you, treat you with kindness, and don’t expect others to hear about your delays or mistakes.

You should be a full-fledged, independent personality professional, and your position should not be easily replaced by others.

銆€銆€Good mood index: 99% indifferent Tuesday mood: For most people, the mood of this day will be relatively complicated, it seems to be just a kind of mentality of 鈥渃utting constantly, still chaos, and simply not cutting.鈥?

銆€銆€Indifferent mentality: On Tuesday night, unless it is overtime, your friends, friends of your friends will basically stay at home, if you want to find them, basically will not go empty.

If you want to ask them to come out to play, I am afraid it will be a bit difficult.

If you still don’t give up, chasing the roots and asking the reason, most of them will say this: “There is nothing, just don’t want to move, change the day!”

“If you are also an office worker, then I will congratulate you, indicating that you were born to be a full-fledged optimist.

銆€銆€You think, just after a nervous, complicated Monday, many things seem to lack a clear vein, and the outcome is what you want?

Will there be unexpected changes in the meantime?

Is the plan thoughtful?

Will the deviation from the implementation exceed the normal?

A series of unknowns, what is intentionally instilling you.

銆€銆€Good mood index: 96% happy Wednesday mood: The position of this day is just in the middle of a weekday workday. As a self-balancing, you must help yourself to maintain a happy mood.

I don’t know if you have seen people who have taken the burden. The position of the pole is placed properly, and the steps will be very light, like dancing.

Even if you are a very picky and sensible person, don’t give yourself a little praise and encouragement.

Take a look at your work.

A few places can play stars.

A few places can insert a small red flag, and then said to yourself: “You guys, not bad!

Everything to the benefit is the key to creating a good mood.

銆€銆€Happy attitude: I have a girlfriend, the situation is very general.

However, she has always been very happy, and listening to her laughter, she can be considered an optimistic attitude towards life.

銆€銆€We may as well learn to learn from her.

This may help you make a positive assessment of the work of the past two days and the next two days of the week.

銆€銆€Good mood index: 96% integrated Thursday mood: After three days of tossing, the environment, the mood will show different levels of chaos, the space is relatively narrow, the oxygen supply is insufficient, the specific performance is inexplicable irritability, but have to pressThe temperament completed the day’s work until the way to work, this mood has not changed.

When I got home, I found that the glass board was covered with dust and my mood was gray.

You know, the dust in the environment is a little bit of accumulation, and the mood will also accumulate.

In a certain job, something went wrong. In fact, the responsibility is not in you, but you have a hard time. A colleague misunderstood you, and you don’t want to explain it. A certain king is not as good as you, but the boss is more important to him.You have done your best for the job, but the boss has not given the corresponding recognition. Instead, it seems that you are not “feeling”. These psychological factors will cause the mood to “gray” and cause adverse reactions.銆€銆€Integrated mentality: To make your room look fresh, you should regularly clean up the house in the room, leave it, throw it away, and re-add it.

Psychological burden reduction is also possible. You must first recognize the roots and nature of contradictions, analyze them one by one, and classify them so that you can make a correct judgment.

銆€銆€I remember that people in the past wanted to have a democratic life meeting every week. The cadres and the masses sat together face to face, exchanged work experience, and could also comment on each other.

This way to promote cooperation between people at work, I think it should be gradually positive.

Today, in the era of informationization, people rely more on self-discipline and self-examination to improve their psychological quality.

銆€銆€Good mood index: 96% OK Friday mood: In the “big pot” period, it is best not to choose this day to contact the official business, especially in the afternoon of this day, the receptionist is not “opening” in advance, is absent-minded.

It’s different now, and the efficiency of the weekend may be higher than usual.

what reason?

It’s like a big check that you can cash in with a hand and can be cashed out by you. After work, it means that the “long” weekend starts, so your mood will be happy.

銆€銆€OK-type mentality: You don’t hinder to pay attention to it. Is the work you completed in this day higher in quantity and quality than usual?

Some things that seem to have some headaches and tricky things in normal times are easier to be OK on this day.

If you are the most reluctant to work overtime, you will be unknowingly done this day, until you have a phone call to wake you up, you will marvel that “time is really fast.”

Today, for you, everything can be OK.

銆€銆€Similarly, why don’t we use the good mood of Friday to do some creative and pioneering work, find some people who are usually disconnected from communication, and after the “refresh”, I believe that there will be unexpected gains on this day.
銆€銆€Good mood index: 98%