Nine points of psychological secrets


Nine points of psychological secrets

If you want to win in a highly competitive workplace, you have to start with small details. Everything needs to be done regularly and regularly.

If you don’t pay, there will be gains, and you should never expect this stupid thing in the sky.

Let’s learn the success of the successful people in the company’s office at nine o’clock.

銆€銆€The secret is that, forever, sometimes, for you, ending work that can be completed in an hour may not be as interesting as looking out the window for an hour.

Is the customer’s phone not playing today?

It’s better to talk a few words with friends on msn, because tomorrow he will go far, and the customer will probably be in the city tomorrow!

If the customer is not there tomorrow, I believe that he must be in the office on Friday. It is better to say it on Friday.

Never give yourself a reason to persuade yourself to give your work to the next hour.

Always think of the problem with the words “now”, think of “tomorrow”, “the day after tomorrow”, “next week” as a distant next century, and be a person who “will start working now,” even ifJust pick up the phone and talk to the customer about the idea you just thought of, and let him think that you are an active and enthusiastic service provider.

At this moment, work is the force that allows us to maintain our desire to fight.

銆€銆€Tip 2, it is a bit of a worry to put your alarm clock up for 10 minutes. If you are not greedy for the most precious 5 minutes of sleep time in the morning, who would like to not eat breakfast, go out without a delicate light makeup.Panic to face the ruthless judgment of the punch card machine?

Many people know that they like to drag and drop, but they don’t know how to solve it.

In fact, this secret is very simple: you can dial your alarm clock for 10 minutes.

Remember, whether it’s the clock at home or the watch on your wrist, don’t even drop the time of your computer.

Don’t underestimate this short 10 minutes, it sets an early running opportunity for you, so that when you haven’t started yet, you have already started to sprint, unconsciously youIt became the most active person in front of the work, and the problems that were delayed were disappeared unconsciously.

What do you want to do, start right away, start with a quick watch!

銆€銆€Tip 3: Useful people are around you. Many companies have unwritten rules. When new colleagues arrive, everyone will send a little gift to welcome them.

But too many people are gifted, but in the form, do not want to really become friends with each other.

And for a person who is too lazy to make friends, don’t expect him to have a lot of useful friends in all directions.

Nowadays, this society relies entirely on the network of people to work and operate. When you need help from others, why should you open your mouth to others?

The next time a new colleague arrives, you may wish to hand in a card you made yourself. In addition to self-introduction, attach a paragraph of your greetings. Simply, you will win the hearts of others.

The advantage of it is that in your future work, you will get help from everyone.

If you have a few warm words, you can buy the hearts of the people, and you can easily weave a network of people, and take the initiative to take the initiative. Why not?

銆€銆€The secret is to keep the pursuit of money. Many people’s ideas about money are numb and weak. From the good point of view, indifferent to fame and fortune, there is no competition with the world. From another perspective, it is indeed nothing to pursue and motivate, not too concerned about life.Quality.

See how others treat life: or always dress yourself up, wear a colleague, or have a college student with a high-end real estate, so that the children can enter a better kindergarten.Neighbors and so on.

Don’t envy people’s lives, everyone is the same.

We work hard, isn’t it just closer to the ideal paradise?

Give yourself a goal at every interval, big like to buy some new cars that you like, small as to buy a set of popular style suits this fall, sometimes, pressure is the best motivation for people to forget about work, whenYou can finally achieve your goals in order to get rid of the package.

銆€銆€Tip 5, a cup of coffee sometimes, we think that to share their work, it is inevitable that there is a “support” for others, and even hand over the work to others, but because of the different perspectives of personal understanding and handling problems, the occupation of othersWhen you are gathered into you, you will regret to find that what you seem to say is two different things.

You may therefore regret that it was better to do things for yourself than originally.

And it’s slow, it’s really not too popular to work hard!

When the next task comes down, you can call everyone to open a small meeting, face-to-face understanding of the task, and pass it on to the collaborator.

What you need to do throughout the project is to find a little spare time and have a cup of coffee with each project performer!

In doing so, the advantage is that everyone can have time to deal with the work that everyone has to do, and to communicate in a timely manner, and adjust the focus of each other’s support at any time.

Look, a cup of coffee time is just that!

銆€銆€Tip 6: Opening the door to the point of view In this highly competitive workplace, there are actually a lot of people who have quite professional strengths like you. In a group of people of similar quality, seize the opportunity to stand out and get better

Turning the corners or intriguing ways of asking questions can make you feel subtle and gentle, but the opposite is also costly.

Therefore, whether you think it is amazing and humble, please don’t say that my thoughts are immature at the meeting. Just point out that if you refer to such words, it will lead to the distrust of you in the hearts of the people in the company.A person’s self-confidence is very permeable, so when you need to put your own prospects and opinions on the table, you will get straight to the point, and a few circles will win the initiative for you, and you can be part of your own high-level mind.

銆€銆€Tip Seven, keeping the desktop clean forever is one of the easiest things to do, but it is the most difficult thing to stick to.

The messy files on the desktop, the notepad, the thick dust on the computer, and the littering pens will all seem to have no clue, and the resulting emotion will accumulate ineffectively.

There are always some other people in the office, everything is well organized, the office partition is full of vitality, there are flowers and grasses and small fish; the desktop is always spotless, even the mouse is shining.

The reason why other people are so different, his sagacity is that sitting in such a neat and comfortable little world, oil will produce a kind of attachment to work, one flower, one grass, one table and one chair, can stimulate him.Working status.

Those who can look after the company as a small family must be especially willing to come to work early. First, watering the flowers and plants, feeding the small fish, and starting a day of work in a clean and tidy environment is also a trick to improve the initiative.

銆€銆€Tip 8: Ending a private call within 3 minutes No one can avoid answering a few private calls during business hours, but how many people can control themselves after they have communicated with their friends and family, and then start to talk endlessly?

The working hours of the day are so long, learning the pioneers who have set the rules for themselves, so that the time for making their own private calls will never exceed 3 minutes.

The reason is that private things will inevitably affect your mood, whether it is pleasant or not easy, will temporarily let yourself out of work.

Therefore, it will end in 3 minutes and avoid being interfered with by trivial matters. It is a responsible and active attitude towards yourself and your work.

銆€銆€The secret is that people who succeed in business often endure loneliness and find happiness in those seemingly stylized processes. They are people who are self-controlling and can let time obey their own arrangements.

For each of us, the best way to avoid delaying the completion of the task is to do it 鈥渟tep by step鈥?whenever you encounter something that you are reluctant to do and do: from the first time you receive the task,Mark the date of termination with a conspicuous symbol on your own calendar and evenly distribute the task within the schedule.

In doing so, not only can some of the work be done easily every day, but because of the abundant time, it is even justified to organize this part of the day to perfection.

Because there are smart people who must be loose and tight, and finally let themselves panic and work to perfuse the work, such efficiency and performance, it is impossible to surpass those who have always acted in a step-by-step manner.