Why do you want to eat more beans and less melons after cold dew?


Why do you want to eat more beans and less melons after cold dew?

There is a saying in the folks: “Spring buds, summer melons, autumn fruits, winter roots.”

Autumn is the season of harvest, and it is also a good time to eat fruits and seeds. Beans are one of them.

At this time, the beans have accumulated a lot of nutrients, and it is better to eat more properly.

In addition, after the cold dew (October 8th), the weather turned significantly cold, and some delicious melons are mostly yin-cold nature, eat more vulnerable to the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, we must “eat more beans, eat less melons”!

Next, I recommend several nutritious and delicious beans for everyone: 1. After the autumn of the white lentils, the autumn is getting thicker. Many people have symptoms such as loss of appetite and physical weakness. These are actually the manifestations of spleen deficiency.
The white lentils are slightly warm, which is the seasonal food for spleen and dehumidification.

Eat white lentils to eat with the belt meat, because the white lentils are particularly rich in B vitamins.

Recommended recipe: white lentils porridge take 100 grams of the previous rice washed clean, soaked in cold water for half an hour; put rice and water into the pot, first boil with martial fire; take 100 grams of cleaned fresh white lentils into the pot, use a small fireCooked into porridge.

Add brown sugar (or rock sugar) to the porridge, stir well, and simmer for a while. When the sugar dissolves, it can be eaten.

White lentils and previous rice are the best combination of spleen and stomach. When porridge is added, lotus seeds and red dates can be added. The flavor is richer and the nutrition is more comprehensive.

2, soybean yellow beans contain plant protein, known as “plant meat.”

If the human body has protein and protein, it will have symptoms of decreased immunity and fatigue.

Recommended recipe: Soybean trotter soup Take 2 pig’s trotters, 100 grams of soybeans, 25 grams of onion ginger, salt, sesame oil; soak the soybeans with warm water; wash the pig’s trotters, use water after use.

Put a proper amount of water in the casserole, add the onion, ginger, salt, and sesame oil. After the water is opened, the soybeans and the trotters are simmered. After the fire is boiled, simmer the shovel and soybeans with a small fire.

Soybeans and pig’s trotters can add a lot of protein and collagen to women, improve immunity and beauty.

3, red beans red beans are flat, sweet, and Li Shizhen called “the valley of the heart”, can raise the heart.

Chinese medicine believes that red beans also have the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, diuretic swelling, treatment of urinary adverse, spleen edema and other symptoms.

Recommended recipe: red bean glutinous rice porridge, take red beans, 50 grams of glutinous rice, wash and put in water for about an hour, then pour into the pot with the rice, add enough water; after the fire is boiled, turn to low heat and cook slowlyUntil the red beans, the glutinous rice boiled and blossomed.

Because the glutinous rice is slightly cold, people with spleen and stomach deficiency can replace sputum or atractylodes.

4, black beans black beans contain anthocyanins, have antioxidant effects, and “black into the kidneys”, eat black beans can raise kidney.

Eat black bean medicinal diet in autumn and winter, which is good for disease prevention and physical strengthening.

Recommended recipe: black bean jujube porridge will be 50?
Wash 100 grams of black beans for 1 hour, heat and boil until the beans are cooked; add 100 grams of previous rice and 6 jujubes, simmer for about 1 hour, add brown sugar, continue to simmer with simmer, and finally porridge.

Jujube can nourish qi and nourish blood, and match with black beans to play the role of kidney and beauty.