Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes has a three-stage diet to regulate diabetes


Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes has a three-stage diet to regulate diabetes

For diabetics, a reasonable diet can help you taste delicious and help control diabetes.

So, what is the rule of diabetes diet?

Diabetes daily diet should pay attention to control the total heat energy implanted to maintain normal weight or slightly lower than the ideal weight.

Obese people must reduce heat absorption, and lean people can increase their gains to increase their body weight.

Supplying the right amount of carbohydrates is currently not expected to control blood sugar too tightly. Sugar should account for about 60% of total heat. Can the daily intake be 250 grams?
300 grams, obesity should be 150 grams?
200 g.

Feeding adequate food fiber epidemiology surveys suggest that dietary fiber can reduce fasting blood sugar, postprandial blood sugar, and improve glucose tolerance.

Supplying too much protein The supply of protein in the precipitate of diabetic patients should be redundant.

Some patients are afraid of eating more protein and increasing the burden on the kidneys.

When kidney function is normal, the estimated protein of diabetes should be similar to normal people.

Some people who control the amount of feces mistakenly believe that the dietary treatment of diabetes is only to control the amount of staple food.

In fact, it is not necessary now to advocate not to control the seriality too much, but it is necessary to strictly control the slightness.

Supply too much vitamins and inorganic salts, patients with poor disease control, easy to concurrent infection or ketoacidosis, pay attention to vitamin and inorganic salts, especially vitamin B family consumption, vitamin B preparations should be given to improve nervessymptom.

Diabetic patients should not drink alcohol to produce heat, but alcohol metabolism does not require insulin, so a small amount of alcohol is allowed.

Reasonable arrangements for patients with diabetes should be arranged three meals a day, each meal should contain glucose, a small amount and protein to help slow the absorption of glucose.

It is necessary to control fried foods, vermicelli potato products and fruits, but not to eat potatoes and fruits. You should learn to master various food exchange methods in order to achieve balanced nutrition.

The three-stage diet of traditional Chinese medicine should be used to regulate the early stage of diabetes. It should be based on clearing heat, and it should be nourishing yin. Instead of bitter gourd, cucumber, watermelon rind, mung bean sprouts, white peony, etc., it can be used for the perennial.edible.

In addition, important items such as mulberry leaves or a mixed tea with a heat-clearing effect can be used for long-term drinking.

In the medium term, it is advisable to raise the middle stage of diabetes. In the diet treatment, qi and nourishing yin should be used. Anyone who chooses fresh sputum, sputum, melon, lettuce and other yin.

People with qi deficiency can add jaundice, codonopsis, bismuth biscuits, and yam biscuits in the diet.

First of all, it can be replaced by soaking water such as raw land, Ophiopogon japonicus, Asparagus, and medlar.

In the later stage, it is advisable to supplement diabetes. In the later stage, it is yin and yang. You can choose mutton, beef and angelica, scutellaria, and drink warm milk.

Related recommendations: People with diabetes often eat this kind of vegetables. It can reverse diabetes. As long as the following ten points are achieved, the chance of suffering from diabetes will be greatly reduced!

Diabetes patients who have these six items are living longer