Hennessy Richard Cognac in the crystal bottle


Hennessy Richard Cognac in the crystal bottle

Without the light of the lights, these empty bottles are somewhat unsatisfactory compared to the extraordinary products that are being seen at the Baccarat Crystal Show in China.

However, these will soon be taken away by the guests who know the goods.

After all, a considerable portion of the price structure of Hennessy Hennessy’s 12,000 yuan bottle is a gorgeous package.

銆€銆€Baccarat crystal has been packaged for several of the finest cognacs, and Hennessy is one of the famous styles.

According to how the price of wine and bottle is distributed, the person in charge said that it is a trade secret and it is inconvenient to disclose it.

However, some people can make a rough calculation. Each bottle has to be polished for 40 hours. The price of other vessels in the Baccarat stores is used as a reference. A bottle will cost several thousand yuan.

銆€銆€So, what about the price of wine?

銆€銆€If the value of a bottle of wine is judged only by price, it will be unfair.

But for thousands of wines that are priced at a price, people will naturally explore the factors behind them.

銆€銆€Brandy is a highly distilled wine that is best known in the Cognac region of France.

The French are particularly good at the policy of protection of origin, which stipulates that only the brandy in the Cognac region can be called Cognac, just like the sparkling wine in the Champagne region can be called champagne.

Hennessy was founded in 1765 by the founder named Richard Hennessy.

銆€銆€Today, it is still under the control of the family’s sixth generation of direct descendants.

The winemaker is also hereditary by another family, and the current is Yann Fillioux.

I have talked with people about the pros and cons of family generations of winemaking and hiring outsiders.

No matter how much fresh blood the outsider can bring, the advantages of the family generation cannot be denied.

That’s it, the family must be thriving to ensure that the best seeds are selected.

The two families have lived together for generations, and today it has been six or seven generations, and has always been a leader in the control of quality improvement.

銆€銆€Brandy is a blend of wine, and the taste of the wine we drink today is theoretically identical to the original wine 200 years ago.

Hennessy almost exclusively replaces the late-cooked Wuyi Brown on the grapes to ensure its fragrance. It only uses the oak in the Linzan area to make barrels and to ensure the purity of the oak and wine.

Of course, only the more than 1,000 vineyards in the vineyard can produce too much cognac, and the own distillery can’t guarantee the progress.

But the tradition of the Cognac region is that grapes and distillation can be harvested at the same quality.

Dryness is distilled wine with industrial flavor, and these 鈥渇oreign aids鈥?are essential.

Otherwise, either die or die, or the price will rise hundreds of times.

銆€銆€The dry XO and VSOP grading system was pioneered by Hennessy.

XO goes up and is paradis level.

Cognac is probably the most popular wine with the relationship of “heaven”.

Their wine cellars are all collected for a hundred or two years old wine, reluctant to bottle or sell, or used to blend new wine, this is called “Paradise Cellar.”

The wine will slowly become less in the vineyard, and the cognac does not call it a volatilization, but an “angel share”, meaning that the angels stole it.

After going through heaven and going up, it is Richard, the founder of Hennessy, the “soul” of Hennessy, and still connected with “Paradise”.

銆€銆€As the highest level of Hennessy, Richard has a long history. He was founded in 1996 and has only been working for 10 years, but it is more precious than “Paradise”.

It is made up of more than 200 years ago, the “mother-in-law” grape shochu and other different years of grape-burning alcoholic heart. The taste of the wine is endless, and the degree of succinctness makes the first-time acquaintance unable to believe that its alcohol content is as high as 40%.

Named after the founder 200 years ago, it symbolizes the connection between a rich past and a better future.

銆€銆€People who love wine meet good wines and use more lyrics such as “heaven” and “soul”. Unfortunately, those words are similar to imitation, and it is difficult for outsiders to appreciate their beauty.

In another word, Richard Hennessy is the top masterpiece of Cognac, abstract but objective, outside the circle, it is estimated that there will be no objection.