Will you fry Chinese medicine?


Fried Chinese medicine so stirring is more effective

Will you fry Chinese medicine?
Fried Chinese medicine so stirring is more effective

How to stir the Chinese medicine in general, the stirring should be carried out in two time periods: one is to soak the medicine before boiling (usually soak for half an hour before boiling), and the 鈥渟tirring鈥?is to turn the medicine when soaking for 15 minutes.The medicinal material is completely soaked, and the effective ingredient has a high rate of frying; the second is to “stir” a little time to prevent the liquid medicine from overflowing during boiling.

Pay attention to the following points when mixing: 1.

Stirring with iron, aluminum, plastic utensils, etc. should be avoided to avoid chemical reaction or precipitation, reduce solubility, etc., affecting efficacy or producing substitution;

When turning over, it should reach the bottom of the pot. It is impossible to achieve the effect only in the shallow layer of the drug. Immediately after mixing, the lid should be closed.

However, whether or not to stir during the decocting process depends on the actual situation.

Some herbs should not be stirred when boiled, such as Xin Dissolve Table or aromatherapy and other prescriptions, they are mainly aromatic chemicals containing volatile oil such as peppermint, musk, perilla leaves, etc.The fire is simmered. If the excess is 鈥渦ncovered and stirred鈥? the volatile oil of the active ingredient will be released into the air with water vapor, and the efficacy will be greatly reduced.

Another example is ginseng, velvet antler, American ginseng and other tonic drugs, which need to be fully fried with the active ingredients of simmer for a long time, and should be covered to prevent the drug ingredients from being lost in the slow torment.

However, for the medicinal materials which are light in weight, large in volume and large in dosage, similar to Hedyotis diffusa, Prunella vulgaris, Epimedium, and some medicinal materials which are not easily dissolved, they can be properly stirred during boiling to prevent the liquid from overflowing, and the medicinal materials are fully heated.The active ingredient is completely dissolved.

In addition to stirring will affect the quality of Chinese medicine decoction, the equipment of the decocting, the heat and time are also very important.

Under normal circumstances, the decocting should use a chemically stable, uniform heat transfer, not easy to break the vessel, the family decocting generally choose casseroles, earthen jars.

The decocting heat is determined according to the nature of the drug. Generally, the fire is used before boiling, and the simmer is converted after boiling to maintain the micro-boiling state, so that the water slowly evaporates, which is beneficial to dissolution and avoid overflow of the liquid.

The time of decocting is determined according to the therapeutic effect. Under normal circumstances, most of the head is fried after boiling for 20?
25 minutes, the second fried for boiling after 15?
20 minutes, but the solution is 10 after boiling?
15 minutes, nourishing conditioning medicine is 30 after boiling?
35 minutes.

At some point, you should also consider the small amount of time to adjust the decoction, so be sure to consult a doctor before decoction.