Walk around the world takes you to experience New Zealand’s health regimen and discover exclusive health tips!


“Walk around the world” takes you to experience New Zealand’s health regimen and discover exclusive health tips!

The autumn wind is rustling and the cold wave is coming.

It is necessary to learn to care for and maintain your body. So what is the real health?

Ordinary health vegetarian diet, soup, fitness, soaking feet, thermos cup with sputum, red dates, chrysanthemum.


.All in all, beyond all fried junk food, holding the mug does not leave.

Punk health while applying night eye cream, apply mask; beer coronation, Coke put Codonopsis; broken pants to put a warm baby in the hole; while eating spicy bar drink chrysanthemum tea under fire; while eating overeating while eating stomachDigestive tablets.

.The logic of this score can not be refuted, can only sigh one sentence: Is there such a god operation of health?

If you still stay in this way of health, then lose the starting line of the health community!

In the faraway New Zealand, Rotorua’s friends are eating hot springs to eat a hot pot!

Immediately, “Walk Around” Chaopin Agent will take you to experience New Zealand’s health regimen to discover the exclusive local health tips.

There is a famous saying in New Zealand: “I have never been to New Zealand before I have been to Rotorua.”

Rotorua, known as the 鈥渉ometown of Maori鈥? can appreciate unique local customs and experience special geothermal phenomena in any weather and any time of the year.

Because it is a volcanic-prone area, Rotorua also has a violent name – “the city on the volcano.”

New Zealand’s Rotorua “Walk Around” tide goods agents will travel to Rotorua’s most famous and active geothermal park – “The Gate of Hell”, opening a party will make people full of blood, wet and screamingKind of journey!

Why is the “Walk of the Hell” here?

It is said that this is a correct tamed land. There are steaming hot springs, sulfur pools and boiling mud. Steam is ejected from the ground from time to time, as if you can hear the cockroaches from the “Hell’s Gate”.Named “The Gate of Hell.”

Dichi Park – “The Gate of Hell” is full of mysterious mysteries of nature, and also gives many human resources for natural skin care.

The natural volcanic mud 鈥淗ell’s Gate鈥?has a unique geothermal mud bath in New Zealand. This natural volcanic mud rich in minerals and trace elements can not only treat rheumatism and skin diseases, but also have very good cosmetic effects.
White mud can absorb the dirt inside the skin. Stucco can replenish some substances needed by the body. Black mud can effectively treat joint pain.

This volcanic mud mask is not sold anywhere else and can only be used by guests who come here.

The volcanic mud is covered with warm mud, and it can gradually feel the tightness of the skin. You don’t have to wait until the mud is completely dry, you can wash the mud, and then jump into the pool directly from the geothermal hot springs. The tight skin is warm.The hot spring water becomes moist and smooth, and every pore in the body is comfortable.

The Chaos Special Agents Experience the Volcanic Mud Hot Springs and the 鈥淲alk-ups鈥?of Chaoyang Specialists. In order to experience the enthusiasm from 鈥淗ell’s Gate鈥? they will perform a volcanic quagmire with local sports experts.

What kind of new experience will they have under the baptism of the mud pool?

You must have eaten too much in the original hot pot hot pot of the mud pool sports pk wonderful food, but have you tried using the geothermal pool to cook the hot pot?

The Maori people who lived nearby used the hot spring pool to cook food. They put the food in the baskets woven with linen, soaked in hot spring water for 30 minutes like fishing, and they can be eaten.The food cooked under the original pot has a flavor.

Geothermal Pool Hot Pot Chaos Special Agent Group Experience Geothermal Pool Hot Pot Learn to soothe the body to solve the troubles, harvest the peace of mind and the health of the body, it is also the same as the popular “Buddha Health”.

Want to know more about New Zealand’s Di Chi Park – “Hell’s Gate”, lock this Friday night, Anhui Satellite TV 21:20 “Walk around the world”, waiting for you to boil!