Constipation, can’t pull out, a cup of laxative, drink it, and let the intestines clean up.


Constipation, can’t pull out, a cup of laxative, drink it, and let the intestines clean up.

The probability of constipation in a person is between 9% and 17%, but it is also divided into male and female sex. Among them, women are more likely to be constipated than men, and the probability of constipation in the elderly is 30% higher than that of young people.The problem is not small.

What is constipation?

When it comes to constipation, you may think of the feeling that the bowel movements are unreasonable.

It is often said that constipation is not a bowel movement for many days. Clinically, it is characterized by dry stool, difficulty in bowel movements, and unrestrained bowel movements.

The probability of constipation is so high, there will always be a reason. 1, the impact of the disease is easy to get angry every day, people with hot stomach are particularly constipated.

Others are the effects of acute illness, and the ability to peristalize defecation is reduced.

2, life and eating habits usually not enough attention to diet, girls like to eat more fine, in order to lose weight is also a fight.

Men eat more hot, like to drink and barbecue, it will inevitably lead to constipation.

3, the impact of taking drugs Western medicine to eat more will cause dry stool, which is a very common phenomenon.

Common formaldehyde drugs are sedatives, calcium tablets, aluminum hydroxide and the like.

So how to cure constipation?

Constipation is a type of miscellaneous disease, so don’t use laxatives and openness.

Initially drinking enough water every day, and then adding dietary fiber supplements, can initialize the series of peristaltic capacity enhancement, speed up gastric digestion and defecation.

There is also a safe way to use constipation, that is, take a cup of yoghurt, a bottle of sesame oil, a spoonful of sesame oil poured into a spoon, drizzle into the yoghurt, use a spoon to mix and eat, eat in the afternoonIt will be safe and accessible.

Role: Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that can promote the growth of probiotics in the stomach, while also enhancing our appetite.

Hemp oil is a vegetable oil that has a laxative effect and also contains linolenic acid, which is a good stomach trace element.

Therefore, the combination of the two kinds of foods has the best effect.