How to lose weight healthily, these sports make you have the perfect body


How to lose weight healthily, these sports make you have the perfect body

First of all, why do you need exercise to lose weight?

Because you will reduce your food intake more or less when you lose weight, this is very obvious in the early stage of weight loss.

But if you don’t exercise, your basal metabolic rate will slowly drop. At this time, the weight loss effect is not obvious.

This time you need exercise.

Exercise can maintain your basal metabolic rate, so that you have a feeling of fullness (the more you move, the more you don’t want to eat), and it is very important that when you exercise, you will have positive emotions, relieve stress, and always increase your weight.Oh!

Before the exercise, eat a little something and pad the bottom.

Give the body some energy, of course, don’t eat too much. In that case, when exercising, the burden on the stomach is very heavy and there will be discomfort.

A fruit, a little bread, a few biscuits can be.

Choose the sport you like.

What you like, you can easily stick to it.

If you like strength, then practice dumbbells, do abdominal muscles for 8 minutes, etc. If you like speed, then listen to the radio and go outside to run. For example: yoga, pump it up, ketty, belly dance and the like.

No matter how good the jump is, just follow the computer and it’s awesome!

If you have a qualified friend, recommend swimming, very shaped.

The amount of activity depends on your own situation. Slightly sweating, your body is hot, don’t be tired and tired, and you don’t want to move again the next day.

After the exercise, stroll for a while, don’t sit down right away.

It is said that it will be thick and big, and drink a little warm water.

Wait for the sweat to go down and take a shower.

I like evening sports. After the shower, if you are very hungry, you can eat some fruit, porridge or something.

Not very hungry, I went to sleep, and after 8 o’clock I was very fat.

If you have a poor self-control ability, it is recommended that you do a fitness card, do not require expensive ones, girls rarely use equipment, dance with them, run and run.

As for the absolute movement of the picture.

If you are a boy and want to practice muscles, go to the gym to find a sparring or ask the staff how to practice. The professional equipment in the gym is easier to exercise the well-balanced muscles.

And the work will also grow muscles, but the unevenness of the hair will result in a situation in which the arms are not as thick.

If you have a favorite dance, it is recommended to report to a dance class. It will be fun to play with you, and you can meet new people.

Exercise does not require you to move every day, but at least 3 times a week.

If you have a husband, or a wife, or a friend to play badminton, basketball, table tennis is also very good.