Cough, old slow support, regular diet in autumn and winter, good health and good lungs, smooth breathing


Cough, old slow support, regular diet in autumn and winter, good health and good lungs, smooth breathing

The main clinical manifestations of chronic bronchitis can be summarized as “cough”, “sputum”, “asthma”, “inflammation” four symptoms, the most obvious coughing in the long-term.

Chinese medicine believes that chronic bronchitis belongs to the category of 鈥渉ypertension syndrome鈥?and 鈥渃ough鈥? The pathogenic factors are exogenous invasion, emotional disorders, unhealthy diet, abnormal visceral function and chronic illness, and cold is an important cause of acute episodes of chronic bronchitis.

When the incidence of chronic bronchitis is severe, it causes heart yang deficiency, and the heart is not enough to cause sweating and so on.

(1) Dietary Principles 2.Ensure high quality protein is provided to enhance the body’s immune function.

There should be enough protein intake every day.

All kinds of fish, poultry, lean meat, eggs, milk and beans should be guaranteed to match each meal with food, beans, beans and vegetables.

3.Fresh vegetables and fruits are indispensable, especially green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and inorganic salts, which play an important role in improving cellular immunity.

4.Encourage patients to drink more water and help to drain.

5.When suffering from severe pulmonary heart disease or acute infection, the condition may be aggravated, and a light, digestible, low-fat, low-salt diet may be given, and water intake should be limited with edema.

6.Following the principle of winter disease and summer cure, it can effectively prevent the development and deterioration of chronic bronchitis.

Choose more neutral foods, choose less cold foods, or add some hot food such as ginger or pepper to the cold food, or add some mutton, beef, dog and other warm foods to the vegetables.

8.Some foods are susceptible to allergies, such as shrimp, crabs, etc., should be appropriately restricted.

(2) Recipe breakfast: taro (100g of flour) millet porridge (50g of millet) salted duck egg 50g mustard 10g lunch: rice 150g braised fish (white carp 100g) spinach tofu soup (spinach 100g,Tofu 100g) Dinner: bread 100g rice porridge (rice 50g) sauce beef 50g vegetarian fried cabbage (cabbage 100g) fruit 100g (three) food selection points 1.
Pay attention to vitamin A, vitamin C and B vitamins such as liver, egg yolk, green leaves and yellow vegetables, fresh orange, orange, mandarin and so on.

Vitamin A can maintain the normal function of tracheal epithelial cells, vitamin C can enhance the body’s resistance, and B vitamins can increase appetite.

2.Fungus, peanuts, loofah, bamboo shoots, radishes, alfalfa, walnuts, pears, honey, kelp and other foods have sputum, lung function.

3.Taboo is too irritating and too cold, too much food, such as wine, tea, onions, peppers, etc., should also quit smoking.