The cement industry’s prosperity has not reversed and collaborative treatment of hazardous waste has become a new focus

The cement industry’s prosperity has not reversed and collaborative treatment of hazardous waste has become a new focus

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  The original headline market situation has not reversed. The cement industry has no major concerns. Reporter Han Yuanfei ○ Editor Zhu Jianhua changed the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control gradually changed. Recently, many documents have been issued to urge cement companies to resume work to ensure adequate cement supply.

Faced with the impact of the epidemic, cement companies have also shown better alternatives, and have said that the impact of the epidemic on long-term performance is limited.

In fact, the co-processing of hazardous waste by cement kilns has become a new hot spot for cement companies.

  A number of places have been urging cement companies to resume work. Affected by the epidemic, cement prices have seen some adjustments in the past two months.

According to the data of the business agency, due to the overlap of epidemic situation and the off-season of the Spring Festival, many construction sites in East China have not yet fully resumed the mixing station, and the market demand is slowly recovering.

On February 14, the price of cement in East China was 540.

2 yuan / ton, the price on the 25th is 506.

8 yuan / ton, a decrease of 6.


  With the resumption of key projects in many places, various places have issued documents to urge cement enterprises to resume work and resume production.

Cement demand is insufficient, and the downward trend in prices is expected to reverse.

  For example, the Shaanxi Provincial Leading Group Office for New Pneumonia Epidemic Situation issued a notice recently requesting the orderly advancement of the construction of key provincial projects.

The notice requires that under the premise of reducing the epidemic prevention and control measures, the production and processing enterprises of cement, sand, and steel and other building materials in low-risk and medium-risk areas should be fully resumed and resumed production; the low-risk areas should pay close attention to the full opening of the building materials market.The medium-risk areas should organize the opening of the building materials market in an orderly manner to ensure the supply of building materials.

  The Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued a notice to promote the main practices and experience of the resumption of major engineering projects in an orderly manner in the southwestern Guizhou Province to cities, prefectures and the Gui’an New District.

It is reported that Qianxinan Prefecture is organizing the production of cement, sand and other construction raw materials in the counties (cities, new districts) under its jurisdiction to resume work and resume production to provide key elements for key project construction.

  In addition, Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang, Henan, Sichuan, Qinghai and other provinces have also issued documents to urge cement enterprises to resume production and resume work to ensure the supply of cement for major projects.

Some regions also took the initiative to open up transportation channels to help cement enterprises and key projects dock.

For example, Chengdu, Sichuan, has established a “Resumption Assistance 24 Hour Hotline” to coordinate and solve the problem of poor supply of cement, sand and other building materials and engineering equipment required for key projects.

  The long-term influence of the physical foot is limited. Although affected by the epidemic, the price of cement has declined in some regions, but at the same time last year, the current price of cement is still strong.

According to the data of the business agency, the East China region was 506 on the 25th.

The price of 8 yuan / ton of cement, although lower than the previous half month, increased by 7 compared with the same period last year.


This shows that the change in the market climate of cement has reversed.

  Dongfang Jincheng said in the research report that because the epidemic occurred exactly in the first quarter of the off-season construction period, plus early spring and frozen soil and other factors, some areas in the north were still in the winter break, and currently have no significant impact on the cement industry.

  This view has been confirmed by cement companies.

Jidong Cement said in a study that the outbreak occurred during the traditional off-season of the market, and the current outbreak has not affected the company’s building materials products.

The normal start of the North China market is in March. At present, the epidemic situation may improve in March.

  Even the performance has shown that the cement market is expected to continue to stabilize and improve.

Dongfang Jincheng said that in the medium and long term, the backlog of cement demand will be gradually transformed into the resumption of production and resumption of production, and it is expected that cement demand will continue to grow steadily.

  The gradual start of key projects has increased the confidence of cement companies.

Jidong Cement said that the construction of Xiong’an New District has been started, and high-speed, railway and other infrastructure will have construction volume according to the planned progress. The epidemic situation will definitely have an impact, but it will be added later and will not change.

In terms of real estate, real estate projects in 2019 are affected by macro-control policies and environmental forecasting shutdowns. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei real estate project has not started sufficiently. It is expected that real estate demand will recover in 2020, which will be the same as 2019, or even better.

  New focus for co-processing of hazardous waste in cement kilns In addition 淡水桑拿网 to resumption of work and production, “co-processing of hazardous waste in cement kilns” has also become a new focus.

The cement kiln co-processing hazardous wastes inside medical waste has the characteristics of high treatment efficiency, no secondary pollution, and high safety.

During the epidemic, Huaxin Cement helped Huanggang and Huangshi dispose of medical waste.

  From the perspective of market scale, the co-processing of hazardous waste in cement kilns has great potential.According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there were only 68 enterprises with the qualification for co-processing of hazardous waste in cement kilns in the past.

From a policy perspective, the government is also actively encouraging the development of co-processing of cement kilns.

On February 13, the 深圳桑拿网 Department of Raw Materials Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that it would work with industry associations to guide key cement companies to resume production in an orderly manner, increase the speed of coordinated treatment of medical waste, and protect the demand for medical waste disposal in key areas.

  Increasingly strict environmental protection requirements are also being actively launched by cement companies to coordinately dispose of hazardous waste units in cement kilns.

A Henan cement company said in an interview with reporters that the company’s current daily output of cement is 2,000 tons. Since Henan’s cement production line with a daily output of 2,000 tons or less will be completely eliminated by the end of 2020, the company is facing pressure.

However, the company is actively seeking a transition to co-processing of hazardous waste in cement kilns and upgrading the cement production line to environmental protection projects.

  Driven by various factors, listed companies are also actively making arrangements.

Jinxun Group said that about 30% of Jinxuan’s cement kiln production lines have the capability of coordinated disposal, and hazardous waste and industrial solid waste in Beijing are handled by it.

Shangfeng Cement (right protection) stated that the gross profit of hazardous waste disposal in the cement kiln co-processing project is much higher than that of general solid waste. The company is located in Tongling, Anhui, and two projects in Yanchi, Ningxia have been approved by the environmental protection department and started construction.